Worth far more than rubies & pearls

A message to the women in my life on this Mother’s Day.
Who I want to be as a woman, as a wife, as a mom someday comes from the women in my life. These women who have set an example and paved a way for younger generations like myself, deserve to be recognized.

First to my mom. My mom has taught me endless lessons but most of all, she’s taught me how to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. This lesson is eternal. My mom has given me so much advice over the years I’m not sure what I would of done without her. I love the relationship we have built.

Oh what my Grandma Margaret has taught me. She has taught me it’s okay to cry through hard times but, it’s also okay to laugh. When I called her and told her I was moving home from college we both cried on the phone and she said “Chin up, boobies out” and I will never forget that phone call. She has taught me how to listen to others with compassion and then love them without condition.

My caring thoughtful Nana has taught me so much. She’s taught me how to serve others without the intent of recognition or self glorification. To make things out of what I have to gift to others. To always think of others before myself and go out of my way to help family. My nana has been behind the scenes helping me with just about everything I’ve ever done. From parties, to projects, to trips my Nana has always been my biggest supporter.

Cheri Alexander has taught me how to build relationships with people I look up to, how to ask them questions and how to really get to know someone. Cheri has a gift to get to know someone and make them feel valued and heard. Her love for the Lord shines through the way she serves her family and most of all her Husband. Cheri has taught me how to support Jace and how to serve him.

Christy Deaton is a strong beautiful and loving second Mom to me. She has taught me the power of love and how to be intentional about relationships. I know a number of people who give her hugs every time they see her. I doubt she even knows how much I cherish those hugs. She is always intentional to talk to everyone at events and go out of her way to show them affection. It shows she’s not focused on herself she is focused on others.

Jenny Simmons my soon to be mother in law has taught me so much over these past four years. Jenny has taught me how to be strong through trials and to serve your family no matter the cost. How to work hard without complaint and with pure joy! From watching her over the years she has taught me how to love Jace as best I can. Jace adores his mom and anyone who knows him knows this, and anyone who knows Jenny can so easily see why.

Mitsy Cheney has taught me how to invest in the lives of those around you and make anyone who steps in your home loved. Mitsy has so much wisdom that is not of herself but is from the the word of God. I cherish her and her advice.

Sue Watkins has taught me no challenge is too great with God. She has taught me that by yourself things can be impossible but with God we are able to overcome things through him.

My Aunt Kristin has taught me how to love and praise God boldly through the great times and through the storms. She has taught me how important trust is in a marriage. Kristin loves our whole family without abandon rooted in the love Christ has for her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers around and even the women who are not moms. Most likely someone’s daughter like me, has looked up to you in some way.

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