Tragedy to Triumph



What we’ve been learning through preparing for this trip and from my last trip. 

Through the preparation for our upcoming trip and some thoughts from my last trip to Greece, Jace and I have been learning a lot. We sat down and wrote out some of these things. Although it’s a bit random, it is evident to see God’s hand in our preparation.

First, we have learned about the Christian response to the Crisis and just what that means. This is the biggest humanitarian crisis in all of our history. Over 60 million people have been displaced, half of Syria alone has been displaced or killed. Mothers, fathers, and children all fleeing for their lives.

God is turning the tragedy of  forced migration into the victory of future salvation.

Have you seen this picture?


We have learned that upon seeing the heart wrenching pictures like this one of Alan Kurdi, we don’t want to look away. It is so easy to just change the channel or leave the picture on your phone and become numb to this tragedy. I know this breaks God’s heart, so I want it to break my heart no matter the cost.

We have learned that God cares for the outcast and refugee. We want to reflect this.

We have learned that God loves them so much that he comes to them. These people are coming from a country that it was extremely hard and dangerous to share the gospel. Christians are being persecuted in Syria. And these people are coming out of that place to a place where we can share the gospel. This is an open door; do we realize the enormity of this? God loves these people and sees the movement of them. 

God is everywhere and sees everything. The refugees are not abandoned or forgotten. And they feel this way, they’re stuck somewhere without a say if they can leave or even how long they can stay. They feel silenced. But we serve a God who cares. 

We have learned how far we are from giving sacrificial love. We all have sacrificial love for someone. We ALL do. Ourselves. But would we have that kind of sacrificial love for a stranger, for a refugee? 

We have learned the importance of faith over fear. And we will continue to learn this. Yes going is risky. A lot of time Christianity is mistaken for comfort and that it is void of risks. Since when did our comfort become more important than the advancement of the gospel?

Self is no longer our God so comfort is no longer our concern. 

We have learned the importance of being intentional. God’s work and the love He has for His people is not confined to be shared in the missions field abroad. These lessons are for everyday life and we don’t want to wait to live this out until we are on a trip. Our everyday life is also our mission field.

Lastly we have learned how temporary this Earth in. We see these pictures of suffering and we go and we see it in person and our heart breaks. That’s when it is so evident to us that this place is not our home. 


7 thoughts on “Tragedy to Triumph



  2. Good job Alex and Jace. Do God’s work over there and enjoy that time. Love both of you and can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back.


  3. I’m so proud of you, both of you. This is an incredible journey. And I cannot wait to hear and see the work God does through you. You truly inspire; and I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I’m blessed to know the both of you and my thoughts and prayers go with you on this amazing trip. Be safe and I’m excited to read these entries whenever you post! Love you guys ❤️


  4. My prayers are forever with the both of you in your journey of helping others….especially in helping the most unfortunate Syrians…God be with you…..Stay safe….keep in touch! With much love, G-ma Crinn


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